Match Report 3 May, 2016

A good turnout of 12 bowlers including Brian Heuston's wife Camilla for the first time. A low handicap golfer she also showed good potential as a bowler and hopefully she will become a regular. Some run away games today with Aor, Rudy and Paul C beating Brian, Richard B and Owen 17 to 2. In the other match Roon, Paul H and Don beat Kerry, Camilla and Sam 13 to 1. As usual Sam cleaned up in the Scroungers followed closely by Rudi.

Match Report 21 March 2017

Sixteen bowlers today meant two triples and a pairs match today.  Temperatures nice and cool for the first hour but warmed up pretty fast after that. Twenty ends matches mean that bowling is largely finished by 11.30, leaving plenty of time for ex pat gripes, gossip, drinks and Nims lunches! Todays matches produced the following results:

Rung, Roon, & Mumu 22, Sam, Richard B. & Kevin 15. ( Thai Wives against their expat Partners, won by "The Thai Girls"....further comment might cause problems!!)

Ken, Don & Peter 18, Garry, Howard & Tom 16. ( A win for Peter visiting from UK on his final day in Chiang Mai. Do come back again, Peter!)

Ric & Janet 28,  Malcolm & Paul C. 11. ( After being in arrears at the half time break, the winners ran away with it in the second half.  Drugs tests have been called for by the losers!)

The International Team Event on 25th April already has 16 entrants. Those already entered have "first come first served" rights. Any other entrants put your name on the list and we ll have to see how many can be accommodated for a morning only event.

Nim carving the roast Lamb

Match Report, 21 February, 2017

Initially, sixteen bowlers today, went up to eighteen with two later arrivals. Two triples matches and a pairs started the day, with the pairs becoming a triples later. The morning was cool at the beginning, with both the temperature and the competitive edge warming up as the morning went on. Today's results were as follows:

Ric, Shane & Arun 21,  Howard, Kevin & Bob 18. ( Welcome back to Shane from Australia, and a win in his first match for two years!)
Tom J., Tom S. & Don  21,  Mumu, Khirisa & Maureen  16 ( Not much chivalry from the three men towards "the three girls" ! )

Sam, Gary B. & Tony, 21,  Malcolm, Garry W. & Baxter  15 ( A big welcome back to Garry W. after an extended family visit to Australia)
Seven "gluttons for punishment" ( temperatures by lunchtime up to 35 degrees!) played six ends of "Scroungers",  not for the first time, and with a little help from other bowlers nudging his bowls in, Sam came out on top, with Malcolm in second place.

Match Report 12 April, 2016

A small group of regulars this evening plus 2 new bowlers - Owen and Kelly Connolly. We hope you will become regulars. Les was the club house leader - in fact he didn't get out of the club house maintaining that it was far too hot to play bowls and just right for drinking cold beer. While Sam provided expert coaching to Owen and Kelly, Richard and Ken beat Janet and Paul 10-3. In a threesome Richard, am and Owen beat Paul, Janet and Kelly by 12 to 4. Richard showed some fine form today.

Match Report 15 March 2016

With the early onset of the hot season, and following consultation with bowlers, this was the first day when the Tuesday Club session was transferred from morning to evening. Bearing in mind the change of time, and the fact that a few regulars have taken a break from Chiang Mai to avoid the heat and the pollution, we had a healthy turnout of ten bowlers today, and in addition, a number of private bookings were there, resulting in all of the available rinks ( 4 ) being full most of the time.
Todays matches, with players drawn completely randomly by our now famous "bottle top draw" produced the following matches and results:
Les & Malcolm  23,  Janet & Aor  5.
Sam & Gerry  18,  Richard & Paul  11.
Ken  27,  Murray  6.
The weather cooled down nicely by about 5pm, having started at 4.30, and this starting time being an experiment, the general view was that everyone present was quite pleased with the conditions, so we should continue the new time at least for the forseeable future.

Match Report 3 May, 2016

A good turnout of 12 bowlers including Brian Heuston's wife Camilla for the first time. A low handicap golfer she also showed good potential as a bowler and hopefully she will become a regular. Some run away games today with Aor, Rudy and Paul C beating Brian, Richard B and Owen 17 to 2. In the other match Roon, Paul H and Don beat Kerry, Camilla and Sam 13 to 1. As usual Sam cleaned up in the Scroungers followed closely by Rudi.

Match Report 29 March 2016

A good turnout of twelve bowlers today on another hot day in Chiang Mai, with the decision to revert to evening bowls being vindicated by some slightly cooler weather after 6pm. Welcome back to Maureen after a few weeks away, and welcome also to Arun, brand new bowler, having never played before, also Smiley, first time on a club day having had a couple of roll ups previously. Twelve was perfect for three pairs matches of eighteen ends, regularly interspersed with liquid breaks to enable players to cool down. Matches and results as follows:

Gerry & Malcolm 17,  Sam & Arun ( ably assisted throughout by Don )  16.
Rudy & Les  29,  Janet & Richard  9.
Aor & Ken  29,  Maureen &  Smiley  14.

The night finished with a game of Scrounger, with Sam taking the money with 15 points followed by Rudi with 11.

Today was Gerry Cassidy's last outing for six months as he returns back to Scotland and work on 1st April. Good trip, Gerry, and look forward to your return later this year.

Match Report 5 July, 2016  

A good number of twelve bowlers turned up on a miserable, typical Chiang Mai rainy season morning. At first it looked as though the only action of the day would be the assembled group putting the world to rights over hot coffee, but eventually the rain relented just enough to get the first matches in the appropriately named "rainy season singles league" to get under way.
Eventually four matches were completed with the following results:
Richard  21  Arun  11
Garry  21  Don  6
Ric  21  Paul C.  11
Maureen  21  Kevin  8.
Finally the heavens reopened leaving two matches,  Les v Malcolm,  and Sam v Norm evenly poised, hopefully to be completed on Thursday.
Big thanks to Norm, Ric, Richard and Sam for acting as markers for the completed games.

In the picture marker Ric explains how Arun's last bowl went through a small gap leaving Richard with 4. Better luck next time Arun.

Match Report 9 August, 2016

There were twenty bowlers today, playing a variety of both friendly roll ups and a number of singles league matches. Singles league results were as follows:
Maureen  21  Paul C.  18
Norm  21  Kevin  7
Aor  21  Les  7
In friendly roll ups, results as follows:
Sam & Aor  4  Malcolm & Tom  3
Ric, Kevin & Don  11  Garry, Ted & Mumu 10.
Finally today, big money was at stake in the weekly "scroungers" event, 100 baht entry, seven players in, with ( not for the first time!) Sam coming out on top, with Ric a close second. See photo on right

Match Report  16 Feb, 2016

A healthy turnout of sixteen bowlers today, including John, an English visitor to Chiang Mai and a regular club bowler in the UK who was very impressed with our bowling surface and said that it is better than some he has played on back home!
With sixteen players today, and three rinks available due to ongoing work to install a new gutter/ ditch on what would normally be rink one, we played two triples and one pairs match of eighteen ends. Here are the results:
Paul, Tom & Ken 17,  Malcolm, John & Maureen 16 ( a very close match after the losing team got off to a very bad start losing five on the first end!)

Sam, Don & Aor  19,  Gerry, Garry & Janet  12 ( this was quite a tight match despite the score with a number of very tight ends!)

Hayden & Des  28,  Les & Richard 20 ( once again an all Australian team triumphs!)

One further triples after the main events saw  Gerry, Don, & Garry beat  Hayden, Aor, & Janet by  11 shots to 6.

Match Report 22 March 2016

 On another brutally hot Chiang Mai day, with temperatures already climbing towards 40 degrees, bowls took place at both ends of the day in order to try to avoid the worst of the punishing heat.

CHRISTMAS PAIRS – 8.00 am Tuesday 22 December

The Xmas pairs was a great success with 10 teams competing in a 2 section round robin followed by the semi final and final. In Section I Haydn Patterson and Aor Cassidy came through with 3 wins and 1 loss with 19 points. Runners up were Don Bishop and Janet Stocks with 2 wins and 29 points. In Section II Richard Massey and Gary Walker won with 3 wins and a huge 37 points followed by Linda Vernal and Sam Torr  also with 3 wins and 29 points. Haydn and Aor narrowly beat the hot favorites Linda and Sam by 5  points to 4. In the other semi final Janet and Don beat Richard and Gary by 7 points to 4. The highlight was the precision bowling by Janet and a few lucky drives from Don.  The final was really a battle of the under dogs and Janet and Don prevailed over Aor and Haydn by 13 points to 5  with one end not played.

A special welcome to Eric Shipley a bowler of some renoun from Perth, Australia. Eric is a great addition to the ranks of the Chiang Mai Lawn Bowling Club and we look forward to him becoming a regular when he retires to Chiang Mai next year. 


  After the sectional play a break was taken for a Christmas roast buffet including lamb, chicken, ham, roast vegetables and pumpkin soup. Healths were toasted with a glass of bubbly followed by ice cream and fruit salad, mango and sticky rice. Big thanks to Nim, Ram, Pai, Wan and Chit  for preparing the food. Ram also acted as Father Christmas and presented the gifts from the "secret Santa".   

The upset winners Janet and Don

At about 4.30pm, eight hardy souls turned up again in temperatures which fortunately cooled down nicely to enable a couple of hours of very pleasant bowls in cooling temperatures, followed by well deserved ice cold beer and Nims home made meat pies! Afternoon results were as follows:
Paul & Aor beat  Sam & Ken  9 - 1.
Malcolm & Janet beat  Gerry & Don  8 - 2.
Paul & Aor beat  Malcolm & Janet  5 - 3.
Gerry & Richard beat Sam & Ken  6 - 3.

The final match of the singles league, and the trophy presentation are taking place on Thursday from about 5pm, followed by a small celebration with the inevitable cold beers and pizzas by Nim. Everyone welcome, feel free to call by whether you want to have a roll up or just relax and watch.

Match Report 2 March, 2017

Just a brief report to confirm that the first session of Thursday Morning Bowls went very well, with nine bowlers, including the winners of the last two club competitions, turning out for some friendly but competitive bowls interspersed with great banter, coffee and cake at the beginning, and a few cooling beers later as the heat of the day started to kick in towards the end of the session.

At the present time, club day bowls, with all invited, take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at "8 for 8.30". Please try to arrive no later than 8.15 as this helps the match organisers to get matches moving on time from 8.30. As the hot season kicks in very soon, we are thinking that an even earlier start, "7.30 for 8" would be well received, and enable us to bowl before the searing heat really kicks in. More news on that in due course.

The pairs competition on Tuesday 14th March is already fully subscribed, Sam & Malcolm are now taking "reserve" names in case anyone cant make it, and also, please note that on Tuesday 14th March, the only bowlers on that day will be those who are taking part in the competition.  Type your paragraph here.

Match Report 8th March
Sixteen bowlers in total turned out today, thirteen players for the club session, and three more occasional bowlers turned up later for a roll up. Today saw a welcome back for old friend Murray, absent for quite some time with, he told us, a bruised toe which turned septic due to a blood flow problem and nearly had to be removed....Ouch !! All well again now, though.

Today there were a variety of different matches with results as follows:
Ken, Rudy & Aor beat Murray, Janet & Lyall by  30 shots to 6 over 18 ends.
Garry & Sam beat Gerry & Tom by  21 shots to 12 over 18ends.
Ric Cameron beat Richard Massey by  21 shots to 11 in the latest match in the singles league.
Finally today before it got really hot, five players, Garry, Gerry, Ric, Sam & Malcolm played a "winner takes all" game of

"Scroungers" with "man of the moment" Sam taking home the prize pot but then very generously immediately spending it,

and more, by buying a beer for his fellow players.

Well done Sam !! Finally today before it got really hot, five players, Garry, Gerry, Ric, Sam & Malcolm played a "winner takes all"

game of "Scroungers" with "man of  the moment" Sam taking home the prize pot but then very generously immediately spending it,

and more, by buying a beer  for his fellow players. Well done Sam !!
Injury front update. Paul Hassall joined us today following the latest medical examination on his injured knee. The four players

Paul still has to face in the singles league are bribing Pauls medical team to carry out an amputation from the knee

downwards as that might be the only chance of

securing a win! Only joking of course, get well soon Paul!! 


Match Report 7 Feb, 2017

Fourteen bowlers for the club day today, and some excellent and competitive matches took place. When the club first started a couple of years ago, a few players were  ahead of the pack due to greater bowling experience in the past. Now, the improvement in level of performance from all bowlers is quite noticeable. Now the analogy "anybody can beat anybody on the day" is a good description, no easy matches for anyone any more!

Today, we played triples and pairs matches which produced the following results:
Ric, Howard & Don  14,  Malcolm, Tom S. & Janet 8. ( Anzacs beat Poms, coming back from 8-1 down to record 13 points on the trot!)
Tom J. & Ken  13,  Sam & Paul C. 8.  ( Another late comeback from the eventual winners)
Garry B. & Kevin 18, Khirisa & Mumu 8. ( The two men beating their Thai further comment advised!)
Malcolm & Paul C. 13, Ric & Ken 9. ( The winning team determined not to lose again after both lost from winning positions in the first match)
Sam, Janet & Tom S. 11, Tom J. Howard & Don 9. ( A very competitive match, came down to the final two bowls on the final end)
For anyone reading this who doesnt normally come out to bowl, dont be afraid to turn up, beginners and experienced players welcome. The Tuesday session begins at 08.30, please try to be there by we now get closer to the hot season, early morning is the coolest time for bowls!

Match Report 28 June, 2016

A total of ten bowlers today, but only eight made it for the 08.30 start, with Paul H. and Malcolm turning up a little later and somewhat shellshocked having been up most of the night watching the mighty Iceland beating England in the Euro Soccer Championships ! The eight who were on time played a pairs round robin with gross shots scored to determine the winner. A welcome back to new player Arun, who quickly settled in and gave a decent account of himself.

In the end, perhaps inevitably, the two most experienced bowlers who luckily were drawn out together came out on top:
Sam & Norm,  23  ( 2 1/2 wins)
Maureen & Garry,  19  ( 1 1/2 wins)
Don & Ric,  19  ( 1 1/2 wins)
Arun & Les, 12  ( 1/2 win)

A very useful discussion took place at the end, with everyone chipping in useful comments about moving towards a members club. Further information about membership and annual fees available will follow shortly via Malcolm who will initially be in contact with everyone, home and abroad, by email. 

Match Report 28 March, 2017

Twelve bowlers today in hot and humid conditions. PLEASE NOTE:  From Thursday 30th onwards, Tuesday and Thursday bowls will commence at 8am, please arrive by 7.45 for the allocation of pairings. 
Today there were two triples matches, results and highlights as follows:

Rik, Paul C. & Howard 25,  Malcolm, Garry & Arun 16. ( A topsy turvey match, with the winners taking a big lead, then being caught, but then pulling away again in the final stages. Malcolm says coffee breaks after ten ends are banned from now on because he always seems to bowl worse in the second half!)

Roon, Rung & Don 18,  Sam, Richard B. & Tom 16. ( The losing team still managed to lose despite picking up eight shots on one end! Don says can he play with the ladies team every week....yes Don, but only if you agree to wear a frilly skirt!)

We now have sixteen for the "International Challenge" on 25th April.....Team Australia, Team UK x 2, and  Team Asia.....if anyone else wishes to take part let us know "ASAP" please.  Type your paragraph here.

Match Report 10 May, 2016

12 bowlers braved the heatwave today including Norm Gazeley returning from Aussie and Malcolm Tetley returning from England. Although Malcolm didn't play in the match he did play a few ends with his brand new bowls and they seemed to perform well - look out Sam and Paul.  In the Triples Paul H, Norm and Paul C beat Richard, Rudi and Owen 8 to 4, and Sam,  Aor and Don beat Les, Camilla and Brian 8 to 6. In the play off Paul H, Paulo C and Norm beast Sam, Don and Aor 8 to 4. In a pairs match Brian and Rudi beat Richard and Owen 8 to 2. Aor beat Sam in the Scroungers to take the money. 

Match Report 21 June, 2016

With many of the English Gentlemen (Poms) up all night watching England get into the last 16 of the Euros, it was a small group of bowlers today. Welcome to a new bowler Paul from Bristol and partner Dao.   

A round robin pairs competition resulted in Sam and Gary victorious with 3 wins.

Sam & Gary12: Ric 7 Maureen 3

Andy & Arun 7: Don & Paul 8

Ric & Maureen 13 : Don & Paul 2

Andy & Arun 6 : Sam & Gary 8

Andy & Arun 4 : Ric & Maureen 10

Don & Paul 3 : Sam & Gary 10

Match Report 6 September, 2016

Twelve bowlers turned out on a lovely warm morning, no rain for a change, and not too hot either. Two triples matches took place resulting in the following scores over eighteen ends:

Malcolm, Garry & Tom  12   Sam, Ted & Arun   12
Aom, Richard & Paul  21   Terry, Ric & Aor   12.
After Sundays exploits in the singles league finals, Malcolm & Sam both struggled today.  Guess old men cant take too much excitement in one week !!!
The day finished with the traditional game of "Scroungers" with seven players involved. The winner with 9 points was Aor, followed closely by Roon & Malcolm with 7 points each.

Match Report 19 July, 2016

Today was a day entirely composed of singles league matches. This competition is so popular that a number of people didnt even bowl today, some were spectators, and some acted as markers/ umpires for some very close matches. The results were as follows:

Ric  21  Maureen  19.
Norm  21  Paul C.  14.
Sam  21  Arun  18.
Norm  21  Ric 17.
Les 21  Mumu  13.
There were some very close and exciting matches today, showing that the handicap system introduced for the first time for this competition is working out very well. As one of our new bowlers Arun nearly caused a sensation today by almost beating Sam, one of our best. Well done Arun !!

In the morning, there were two matches in the now almost completed spring singles league, with Ric Cameron very generously playing in both, as a result ending up with the colour of his face resembling the bright red bowls his opponent was using! In the first match, Paul Hassall beat Ric by 21 shots to 7, cementing his place at the top of the league, whilst the second game produced the match of the tournament, between Ric and Aor Cassidy. After many ends ( too many to count) the scores were tied at 20- 20 in the first to 21 match. On the final end Ric just nicked the shot he needed to win by 21 to 20, resulting in a very well deserved round of applause by the non participants in the audience. Well done to match referee Sam Torr.

Match Report  23 Feb, 2016
Ten members and six guests ( a visiting golf group from Bangkok ) turned out for a full morning with different types of matches taking place. A couple of highly competitive pairs matches took place first over eight ends, both producing very close scores as follows:
Des & Tom 7,  Maureen & Paul C.  5.
Ken & Malcolm 5  Janet &  Ric  3.
 A couple of singles matches from the ongoing spring singles league were played today, producing results as follows: Garry Walker  21  Sam Torr 18.
Malcolm Tetley  21  Ric Cameron  8.
 Today we also welcomed a group of six golfers visiting Chiang Mai, led by old friend from Coco Bowls Club Pattaya, John Underwood (in picture on left), most of whom were trying their hand at bowls ( for the first time ) and drinking beer ( not for the first time !! ). A good time was had by all, and we now look forward to another visiting group of bowlers this time from both Pattaya and Bangkok, with the intention of holding either an inter club challenge or a full competition.

Match Report 14 June, 2016

Eight bowlers turned out today in between the rain showers, including a welcome back to Maureen after an extended break which obviously hasn't done her bowls any harm as she had a very successful day in partnership with Sam. Very good also to welcome back Andy Bridge.  Eight was the perfect number to play round robin pairs, which produced the following results
Maureen & Sam  10,  Andy & Garry 5.
Ric & Richard  13,  Malcolm & Paul C. 7.
Andy & Garry  10,  Malcolm & Paul 4
Maureen & Sam  21, Ric & Richard 1 ( Ouch! )
Maureen & Sam 10,  Malcolm & Paul 6,
Andy & Garry 10,  Ric & Richard 3.
Big winners on the day Maureen & Sam won all three games!
Big losers on the day Malcolm & Paul lost all three games. 

Match Report 2 August, 2016

There were thirteen bowlers today, playing a variety of formats, singles, pairs, triples, and the fun game called scroungers. The results in the singles league were as follows:
Ric  21  Richard M.  8.
Paul H.  21  Malcolm  17.
Les  21  Garry  15.
Roon  21  Don  4.
Les  21  Richard B.  5.

In pairs, Maureen & Arun beat Tom & Ted  21- 11. ( A welcome back to Tom following his USA trip, and Ted after hip surgery in Canada )
In triples, Stan, Norm & Garry ( "Team Australia") beat Malcolm, Paul & Don ( Team Pom plus a Kiwi!)  12- 5.
In scroungers, Maureen gave a real thrashing with a record score of 21- 8- 7 to the normally unbeatable Sam, and Ted. 

Match Report 28 Feb 2017

Another perfect day for bowls, with the strongly preferred early start attracting an ideal number, sixteen bowlers. More on start times at the end of this report.

Sixteen bowlers meant eight pairs bowling four bowls each, ten end matches, with winners playing winners from neighbouring games to give everybody twenty ends of good, competitive bowls. Results as follows:

First Round
Malcolm & Maureen  17,  Ric & Khirisa 12.
Sam & Janet 14,  Gary B. & Kevin  3.
Tom S. & Ken  18, Tom J. & Ted 7
Mumu & Arun 11, Howard & Shane 11. ( A single bowl penalty shoot out to decide a winner was held with Arun putting down an excellent bowl to win!)

Second Round
Malcolm & Maureen 18, Sam & Janet 6.
Ric & Khirisa 12,  Gary & Kevin 7
Tom S. & Ken 7, Mumu & Arun 6.
Tom J. & Ted  10,  Howard & Shane 7.

Please note that from this week on, starting on 2nd March, there will be Thursday bowls ( 8am for 8.30 start) in addition to Tuesday morning bowls. This is in recognition of the early onset of the hot season, with morning bowls the strong preference for most people. 

Match Report 17 May, 2016 

Big welcome back to Malcolm Tetley and thank you for going the match reports once again.

A nice total of thirteen bowlers today, with some arriving early to get in much needed practice for the forthcoming inter club competition against Coco Club Pattaya. "Captain Paul" decided to play people in positions outside their normal comfort zones today, resulting in some interesting match ups and results.
Brian, Sam & Kenny beat Norm, Owen & Paul H. by 8 to 5.
Paul C., Aor & Malcolm tied 6- 6 with Les, Camilla & Richard thanks to a magnificent final wood of the match by Paul turning over about five shots for the opposition into the one shot he needed to tie!
Paul C., Aor & Malcolm then beat Norm, Owen & Paul H. by 8 to 5.
Brian, Sam & Kenny also beat Rudy, Camilla & Richard by 9 to 1.

Finally on a dramatic evening which ended with a much needed torrential downpour but sadly brought to an end the "social drinking" Aor beat Sam in a playoff in the weekly game of Scroungers. Well done, Aor, about time Sam got beaten at Scroungers !!

Match Report 7 March, 2017

Phew! What a scorcher, as UK Newspapers used to say if the temperature reached 27 degrees! Well, today started out cool, but by late morning, after everyone had played 18 ends, the temperature was already 35 degrees and rising. Early starts from now on...more on that later.

18 bowlers today, an excellent turnout, sadly, the last outing for Tom Johnson, returning back to live in Minneapolis, but hoping to find a bowling green back in the States to continue Toms new found love of Lawn Bowling. Best wishes, Tom, it was good to know you, and hope you return one day.

The results of some very good matches today were as follows:
Sam, Malcolm & Ken  26  Ric, Garry & Shane  12.  ( Team England putting Team Australia to the sword, for a change!)
Roon & Mumu  17  Janet & Maureen 14. ( Team Thailand beating the "Ladies of the Commonwealth"! )
Howard & Richard B.  20  Kevin & Ted  18. ( A very close match, with much "cut & thrust".....though not literally!)
Tom S. & Don  18  Tom J. & Arun  12 ( Tom J. not able to sign off with a win on his final day with us)

Thursday morning bowls as usual this week, please try to arrive by 8am and we ll get started as early as possible. Next Tuesday, 14th, we have a full slate of 16 bowlers for the one day fun pairs event. Again, please try to arrive before 8am, as we have the draw to do before we can get the matches under way.

Match Report 4 April, 2017

​A beautiful morning for bowls with some cloud cover to start. Two new bowlers today and a big welcome to Leon d and Gene. They were really thrown in the deep end playing in the Triples and both aquited themselves well. We hope they will become permenant members. Leon will play in the 6th team at the International fours - fantastic.

Today's results:

Ric, Leon and Janet beat Sam, Gene and Ken 18-14 (is Sam losing his touch??)

Howard & Richard beat Mumu and Gary 14-12

Tom & Don beat Roon & Kevin 21-18.

Match Report 5 April, 2016

We re really into the hot season now!  Temperatures at 4.30pm as players arrived were in the high 30s, despite that, eventually fourteen players arrived to play, a very encouraging turn out! A welcome to first time bowler on a club day, Barry from Canada, who also passed on the good news that old friend and bowling stalwart Ted Taylor will shortly be on his way back to Chiang Mai following successful operations back in Canada.
A whole variety of match ups and pairings took place today producing the following results:
Malcolm & Paul Cowin 10,  Paul Hassall & Barry  6.  ( Pauls new bowls fresh from the UK obviously work well!)
Sam & Smiley  7,  Les & Arun 7  ( A rare tied match, of which there were two today !)
Ken & Maureen         Janet & Rudy        

Richard & Paul C.  6,  Malcolm & Aor 3
Sam & Barry  5,  Maureen & Smiley 5.
Janet & Rudy  9,  Paul H. & Arun  6.
Richard, Paul C. & Arun  9,  Don, Janet & Barry 3.

Finally today "Bandit Sam" took all the cash in a game of "Scroungers" against Aor, Maureen & Rudy  ( they were warned in advance !!!)

Match Report 1st March
Sixteen bowlers today on a nice cool morning. A welcome to first time visitor Ray, a friend and colleague of Tom Johnston.

We played three matches of eighteen ends today with results as follows:
Maureen & Rudy  17,  Tom & Ray  17.
Sam, Richard & Malcolm  27,  Ric, Gerry & Janet  8.
Ken, Lyall & Les  19,  Paul Cowin, Aor & Des  13.

A couple of very competitive singles matches from the spring singles league took place today with the following results
Ric Cameron  21  Gerry Cassidy  12
Sam Torr  21  Aor Cassidy  6.