Final Teams As Follows:
1. Anglo Scots: Paul Hassall, Richard Massey, Gerry Cassidy, Norm Gazeley

2. England North: Sam Torr, Eric Shipley, Tom Salusbury, Malcolm Tetley

3. England South: Ken & Janet Stocks, Richard Birs, Paul Cowin

4. Thailand: Roon, Rung, Mumu, Aor

5. Australia: Ric Cameron, Les Harvey, Garry Walker, Kevin Ormes

6. Commonwealth: Arun Mezcales, Bob Green, Ted Taylor, Leon Smiler.

We also have one reserve player on standby who has agreed to be in attendance on the day, Bob Connell.....Thank you, Bob.

Conditions Of Play:
1. Entry Fee 250 baht per player. ( 150 green fee, 100 prize fund). Please pay Nim immediately on arrival and before bowls begins. Prizes for winning team and runners up, and a "perennial shield" currently being made will be played for annually ( First winners in 2016, Australia.)
2. The first round of matches to begin at 8am....PLEASE ARRIVE PROMPTLY READY TO BEGIN BOWLING AT 8AM.
3. There will be a draw for rinks immediately before each round of matches, five rounds in all. 
4. Each match over EIGHT ends, TWO bowls per player. Teams may change their order of bowling from match to match, but NOT during a match.
5. No practice roll ups on the day.
6. Changeover takes place after the third bowlers have played their two bowls. ONLY THE SKIP allowed to visit the head for a look during play.
7. For the first time in one of our comps, THE RESPOT RULE will apply. If the jack goes dead during an end, it is replaced on the "T" and the end continues.
8. Match Results to be entered on the "MASTER SHEET" at completion by agreement between the two skips.
9. Please show respect and politeness to fellow bowlers at all times. Have a good day, may the best team win!!!



The Thai Ladies team were the favorites to win and they didn't disappoint. Maybe they adapted better to the very hot conditions. Anyway, congratulations to Roon, Mumu, Rung and Aor.  This is a great follow-up for Mumu who won the Open Singles last year. A battle for second between the Anglo Scots and the  Northern English tied on 6 points. The Scots came out ahead on points. Well done to Gerry, Richard, Norm and Paul for the dinky blue shirts !

Congratulations to Sam for his organisation and for Eric for assistance in improving our knowledge of the rules. 

Coco Club vs Chiang Mai Challenge 26,27 May, 2016  - Results 

Our first inter club tournament was a great success and we sincerely thank our friends from Coco Sports Bowls Club from Pattaya for their good sportsmanship. They were able to adjust to the new astroturf surface very quickly - the mark of true champion bowlers. The first day resulted in Coco winning 2 of the 3 triples matches and included some amazing last bowl saves by skip Sue Bryant. It is no wonder that she is Thai Women's Champion. In the 1st of the singles, honors were shared equally with 2 matches each. On day 2, Coco clinched the tournament by winning 3 of the 4 pairs matches. Chiang Mai made a good showing in the final singles winning all 4 matches, but alas too late. Overall an excellent result for Chiang Mai and all the hours of practice really paying off. Derek and Sue from Coco hope to invite Chiang Mai for a return match within the next 6 months. 

the final score was Coco 14 points and Chiang Mai 11 points. Coco won all the special prizes with Peter, Lita and Allan winning the highest aggregate score for the triples, Ric and Michael winning the pairs prize and Sue winning the highest singles aggregate. congratulations to all and Coco can expect a very strong challenge next time.

The Spring Singles League came to a fitting conclusion on 24th March with, in the end, a good game between eventual overall winner  Paul Hassall and Richard Massey. Paul initially jumped out into a big lead, but then got stuck on 20 in the first to 21 event, with Richard gradually clawing his way back into the match winning a succession of ends to pull the score back to 20 - 12 before Paul finally nicked the shot he needed to win by 21 - 12 thus confirming a narrow victory overall in the event but only on aggregate score as both Paul and runner up Sam Torr ended the competition with 6 wins and one loss.

The trophy presentation included a bit of fun as well as the actual awarding of the very nice trophies ( thanks to Richard for arranging these.)

Paul Hassall received the winners trophy, and Sam Torr received the runners up trophy.

In addition, Sam also received "The Golden Duck" trophy for the worst single result, having lost a match by 21 - 1 , a result which in the end didnt count as the player who beat him unfortunately had to withdraw from the competition. Richard Massey was declared "Best Umpire" and was presented with a pair of "X Ray Specs" to enable him to see better when umpiring in the future !!

A good time was had by all with the usual post match "celebrations" which included a few drinks ( surprise, surprise!) and excellent home cooked food by Nim. The newly installed and much improved floodlights were tested out and very favourably received, if the weather gets too hot we can now think about night time bowls!

The Bowling

A total of 24 bowlers turned out for what was a great day ( Well, apart from the race itself in which most people lost of course!). In theme with the day, teams were divided into Australia ( and a couple of North Americans! )  v GB and some competitive very close matches took place, with the Aussies just coming out on top on aggregate score. Results were as follows:

Terry, Ted, Howard (Australia+Canada)  26  Paul H., Tom S., David ( GB )  21.
Sam, Ken, Marilyn ( GB )  19,  Frances, Tom J., Allan, ( Australia + USA)  18.
Garry H., Garry W., Aom, ( Australia ) 18,  Andy, Paul C., Roon ( GB ) 14.
Malcolm, Janet, Richard B., 16,  Ric, Linda, Les, 13.

This meant that the score on matches played was Australia 2, GB 2, an honourable draw , but unfortunately, the match organisers Sam & Malcolm, ( both GB ) had foolishly notified in advance that in the event of a tie, aggregate score would win the day, meaning that the very final overall score was a narrow victory for Australia by 75 shots to 70 !!!

The Sweepstake

Sweepstake 1                      Sweepstake 2

1 -  Howard 1000 Baht         1 - Jit 1000 Baht 

2 - Roon 500 Baht                2 - Deun 500Baht

3 - Sam 300 Baht                 3 - Francis 300 Baht

4 - Paul C 300 Baht              4 - Richard B 300 Baht 

Last - Marilyn                        Last - Pat 300 Baht

A good day was had by all, and thanks to Nim for the sausage sandwiches at half time.

Don Bishop Trophy - 28, 29 November, 2017

Day 1 Round Robin

Eric Shipley and Richard Massey (again)  put in the hard yards in organising this year's competition. A total of 20 bowlers assembled on time to start the round robin matches on a cool Tuesday morning. Unfortunately Lynda and Allan Vernal had to withdraw due to Lynda's ill health and we all wish her a speedy recovery. The 2 reserves, Don Bishop and Paul Hassall made up the final 20. The 5 groups of 4 players chosen at random played each other in their group. The results of the group play are shown on the below on the right and the standings after round robin play shown below.


After 2 months of hard fought round robin matches it is all over. In a drama packed Sunday Malcolm Tetley first beat Norm Gazeley by 21 to 16 in the first semi final and Sam Torr beat Paul Hassall by 21 to 14. In the final Malcolm overcome a strong fight by Sam to win by 21 to 17.

Well done to all players in the league and good to get a new name in the winners circle.

To be played from 5 pm to 8 pm on the 12th, 19th, and 24 March.
Players pick your own teams.
The contest to be a Round Robin format.
Two games to be played on the first two dates each lasting 1.5 hours.
Three games to be played on the third day lasting 1 hour.  
If two or more teams finish level on wins at the end of the competition averages will apply. 
Transport will be provided free from town and return to allow everyone to have a few drinks and a few laughs after the serious stuff.

Green Fees - Normal day time green fees of 50 baht per hour (150 Baht per day). Thank you Paul for covering the cost of the lights.

Entry Fee - 200 baht per person 

Prizes - Winning pair - 2000 Baht

             Runner up    - 2000 Baht

             Third pair      - 1000 Baht


After the first 4 rounds Sam & Maureen were tied with Roon & Richard B. with 4 wins and 8 points. Could Sam & Maureen beat Roon & Richard in Round 5? They just held on with a 7-5 win, but they lost their next 2 matches to finish third overall. Richard M. & Norm had a nice reversal of form and won their last 3 matches to finish forth. Roon and Richard B. only managed 1 win out of 3 to end up in 2nd place. After round 4 Martin & Paul seemed to be in a hopeless position with only 5 points, but they managed 3 wins on the night to take the cash with 11 points. 

A fun evening under the lights ended with Nim putting  on a roast lamb dinner followed by pavlova and cheese cake for dessert.   


Don Bishop Trophy, 29 November, 2016

Good organisation by Sam and Malcolm

saw the tournament off to a smooth start


Sixteen bowlers, who had all entered in advance was the perfect number for the "blind pairs" event held today. "Blind Pairs" isnt a reflection on anyones eyesight, it relates to the fact that the competition was based on a "blind draw" of all sixteen players as to who plays with who. This is a competitive but fun event, but with good bowls bowled on all four rinks, resulted in any number of very close games, including a few draws over the eight end matches.
Players were split into two groups of four teams, starting with a "round robin" where everybody played everybody else in the group. In group one, Roon and Ken were convincing winners, winning all three games, with Howard and Shane sneaking into second place on "shot differential". In group two, Sam and Mumu were the winners, undefeated with two wins and a draw, with Malcolm & Garry grabbing second spot with one win and two draws, also undefeated, just!
We then went to semi finals and a final, played out under increasingly hot temperatures, with the following results:

Semi Final 1: Sam & Mumu 7,  Howard & Shane 5. ( A very close match, went to the final end!)
Semi Final 2:  Malcolm & Garry 9,  Roon & Ken 4. ( An upset here, as the losers couldnt reproduce their form in qualifying)
Final:  Malcolm & Garry 8,  Sam & Mumu 6. ( The winners shot out to a 5 shot lead, Sam & Mumu clawed their way back, but couldnt quite do it.)

The prizes were awarded by Kevin, of Gourmet Meats, who had very kindly part sponsored the event along with Don Bishop. Thanks to both sponsors, it was generally agreed to have been a great day, something we can and will repeat in the future when the heat has calmed down.   

Thanks to Citylife for the photo below. 

Players and supporters at the Don Bishop Trophy

After almost 2 months of competition the 100-up singles league has finally concluded. Competitions take a hell of a lot of thinking, worrying and organising. Congratulations to the organisers, Eric, Sam, Malcolm and Howard. She was a beaut mates. When's the next one ???

So to the results.

Semi finals

- Sam beat Eric 100 to 91 with the  match a nail-biter from start to finish. It looked like Eric was going to take it because Sam was struggling to find his length until close to the finish. As with a few of his matches, Sam managed to come from behind and book his place in the finals.

- Leon beat Malcolm 104 to 101. The second last game ended in a tied game. The Gods were smiling on Leon Smiler as Malcolm agreed to a 7-3 result to bring the draw. Would a measure have resulted on an 8-2 result to Malcolm?? Anyway, great theater and Malcolm was the true gentleman and best of losers and full of praise for Leon.


Sam has gone close to winning a singles tournament and today he just sneaked past Leon to take the big money. It was a close match until the end with Sam winning a couple of high point ends at the death. Well done to Leon, a new bowler and a future champion (and a kiwi cobber). To Sam a well deserved win after some good fights along the way. 

Day 2

Adjustment Round

The bottom 8 players in the Day 1 round robin standings played off to decide the final 4 to go forward to the final. Last years winner  MuMu Ormes and runner up Gerry Cassidy both got through to the final "through the back door" so to speak.

The Finals

​In the Trophy first round Paul Hassall was once again beaten by MuMu Ormes, on rink 1, first game of the morning - exactly the same result as last year. Deja Vous indeed. Garry Walker was a surprise winner over Norm Gazely in the Quarters and Joe Van Hout and Sam Torr advanced as expected.

The semi final results were surprising with tournament favorite Sam Torr going out to our new bowler from Austraiia Mai Reuphemie (Thai nationality). The other semi saw Joe Van Hout go out to Martin Devlin by 13 to 7.

And so to the final and a real nail-biter with Martin surviving some brilliant come-back bowling by Mai to prevail 14-12. Congratulations Martin - a worthy champion.

In the Plate, our top woman bowler Roon was beaten by Eric Shipley by 12 to 9. 

Many thanks to the organisers Richard and Eric and to Andy Bridge for once again doing his magic with the results spreadsheets

Mu Mu the victor with gallant Gerry and

Marker Paul


A late evening shot of Champion Malcolm and runner up Sam with Semi finallist Paul in the middle

A wonderful 2 days of bowls played in the best of spirit and enjoyed by all.  The days of preparation put in by Sam Torr and Richard Massey really paid off and the large number of matches over 2 days proceeded on time. Thanks to the markers, to Allan Vernal the scorer and to match referee Les Harvey.

Special thanks to our sponsers Chiang Mai Meats (Kevin and Mu Mu Ormes) for the delicious baked ribs provided on Day 2. 

Some were thinking before the start that the same old faces would be winning the prizes. Nothing could be further from the truth and the old guard graciously took a back seat and cheered on our new champions.
The Plate (bottom 8 players)
In the Plate final the surprises commenced with Maureen Malony playing beautiful bowls to defeat firstly Aor Cassidy and then Martin Devlin (on the last bowl) to reach the Plate final. Equally impressive was Ken Stocks our oldest bowler defeating Richard Burr and Ric Cameron to be the second finalist. The final over 12 ends was held under very hot conditions and both battled the heat to produce a close and entertaining match with Ken coming out on top. 
The Trophy (top 16)
The Trophy finals also produced some surprises but this time it was youth that prevailed. Mu Mu Ormes only recently returned from Australia played brilliantly and had to beat our 2 best bowlers, Sam Torr (12-7) and Paul Hassall (9-8) to reach the final. As if this wasn't excitement enough, the other finalist was another surprise. When he left for Scotland 6 months ago Gerry Cassidy swore he would come back as club champion and it wasn't the beer talking. Again battling the heat having just returned from Scotland, he beat Tom Johnson and then Richard Massey to reach the final. 

Although Gerry played some great bowls he was up against a new star. Mu Mu played 12 games without a flaw and her line was absolutely true with every bowl. The crowd were entertained by a true champion. Well done Mu Mu you have raised the bar.


The crowd eagerly watch their selections in the Cup on the TV

Maureen and Ken under the mist at the 

end of their game

Pai busy cooking the snarlers

American Pacific International School Senior Students 

On 8 Feb a group of 16 students from American Pacific School came to play bowls. Pairs were chosen from the hat and 2 sets of 6 ends played. Scoring was 3 for closest 2 for next and 1 for 3rd closest. This resulted in some close matches. In the final JH and Eric  prevailed and won some bowling hats. It was quite amazing that bowling could really take the attention of these teenagers. They were well behaved and seemed to enjoy trying something new. Thanks to Tom Johnson for organising this. hopefully we can now target more schools.

INTERNATIONAL FOURS - 7.45 am Tuesday, 25th April,  2017

 As we do not often play Fours there are some guidelines attached here. It is important that there is a minimum of bowlers on the green. Click here for ilnk