Please find attached Conditions of Play for the Don Bishop Trophy which begins with the first group of 12 players on Thursday 24th January at 8.30am.
I hope the conditions are self explanatory but if you have any questions please let me know and if you are unable to open the attached document also let me know and I will re-send it embedded in the body of an email.
I am sure that Don will also post the document on the website.
Good luck to all participants and I look forward to seeing the first group on Thursday with of course, any spectators who are always welcome to see what's going on.
Best regards

Don Bishop Trophy, 24, 31 Jan, 7 Feb 2019

Seeded Triples March, 2019

Thanks and well done to everyone who played in the Seeded Triples. Another successful event and although everyone played well, there can only be one winner. 

​Nice to see Rchard Massey in the winners circle after playing good bowls for quite a while.

Winners: Eric, Richard M & Gerry

Runners up: Kim, Malcolm & Richard B

Third: Martin, MuMu & Dutchie

Wooden Spoon: Andy, Tom & Chris (better luck next time)


Open Pairs Competition – April 2019

Games to be played on Thursday 11th and Thursday 18th April 2019 commencing at 8.00am
Please note that no roll-ups allowed before the start of play.

Conditions of Play

Prior to the start of play, the ten teams will be randomly drawn into two groups of 5 and each team will then play all teams within their group on a ‘round robin’ basis.

Each player will have 3 bowls and each game will be played over 10 ends with two (2) points awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw.

The two teams finishing 5th in their respective group will be eliminated at the end of the group stage games, while the remaining eight teams will play the team finishing in the same position in the other group to determine final positions.

Three (3) rounds will be played on Day 1 and on Day 2, the remaining two group games will be played followed by the final play-off games.

Should teams finish the group stage with the same points then they will be separated by margin, then points scored, then points conceded. Should this still be equal then the winner of the game between the tied teams will determine the position.

Rinks will be pre-determined before the start of the competition up to the final stage when they will be drawn.

Dead ends will not be replayed, the jack to be re-spotted on the ‘T’.

Skips are allowed to visit the head after playing their second bowl.

Each Skip to be responsible for their own scorecard and should check the score with their opposing Skip on a regular basis during the game to avoid discrepancies.

The entry fee is 300Baht per player to cover green fees for both days and Don will provide trophies for the overall winners and runner up.