After almost 2 months of competition the 100-up singles league has finally concluded. Competitions take a hell of a lot of thinking, worrying and organising. Congratulations to the organisers, Eric, Sam, Malcolm and Howard. She was a beaut mates. When's the next one ???

So to the results.

Semi finals

- Sam beat Eric 100 to 91 with the  match a nail-biter from start to finish. It looked like Eric was going to take it because Sam was struggling to find his length until close to the finish. As with a few of his matches, Sam managed to come from behind and book his place in the finals.

- Leon beat Malcolm 104 to 101. The second last game ended in a tied game. The Gods were smiling on Leon Smiler as Malcolm agreed to a 7-3 result to bring the draw. Would a measure have resulted on an 8-2 result to Malcolm?? Anyway, great theater and Malcolm was the true gentleman and best of losers and full of praise for Leon.


Sam has gone close to winning a singles tournament and today he just sneaked past Leon to take the big money. It was a close match until the end with Sam winning a couple of high point ends at the death. Well done to Leon, a new bowler and a future champion (and a kiwi cobber). To Sam a well deserved win after some good fights along the way. 



Games to be played on Sunday 10th and Sunday 17th September 2017 commencing at 9.00am
Conditions of Play
1. Each team will play all other teams once only on a ‘round robin’ basis
2. Rinks will be drawn before the start of each round
3. The number of bowls each player is allowed is three (3)
4. The number of ends played in each game is 10
5. Each Skip to be responsibility for their own scorecard and to change the scoreboard on alternate ends. Skips should check the score with each other on a regular basis throughout the game to avoid discrepancies
6. Two (2) points awarded for a win and one (1) point for a draw
7. The overall winner will be the team with the highest number of points at the end of the competition
8. Should there be a draw then the winner will be determined by the highest margin i.e. Points For minus Points Against
9. Should this be equal then shots up, i.e. Total points scored to determine the winner
10. Should this be equal then the winner of the game between the tied teams will determine the winner
11. Dead ends will not be replayed – the jack to be placed on the 'T'
12. No roll ups allowed prior to the start of play
13. Skips are allowed to visit the head after playing their second bowl
14. The entry fee is 500 Baht per player which includes green fees for both days of the competition. This must be paid to Howard prior to the first game being played.
15. Prizes as follows: Winning Team: 2000Baht Second Team: 800Baht Third Team: 400Baht
16. Should a team withdraw from the competition for any reason then all points relating to that team's games will be deducted accordingly. The entry fee paid will not be refunded.
17. The sequence of games to be played will be drawn on a random basis and distributed on a separate document before the start of the competition