Day 2

Adjustment Round

The bottom 8 players in the Day 1 round robin standings played off to decide the final 4 to go forward to the final. Last years winner  MuMu Ormes and runner up Gerry Cassidy both got through to the final "through the back door" so to speak.

The Finals

​In the Trophy first round Paul Hassall was once again beaten by MuMu Ormes, on rink 1, first game of the morning - exactly the same result as last year. Deja Vous indeed. Garry Walker was a surprise winner over Norm Gazely in the Quarters and Joe Van Hout and Sam Torr advanced as expected.

The semi final results were surprising with tournament favorite Sam Torr going out to our new bowler from Austraiia Mai Reuphemie (Thai nationality). The other semi saw Joe Van Hout go out to Martin Devlin by 13 to 7.

And so to the final and a real nail-biter with Martin surviving some brilliant come-back bowling by Mai to prevail 14-12. Congratulations Martin - a worthy champion.

In the Plate, our top woman bowler Roon was beaten by Eric Shipley by 12 to 9. 

Many thanks to the organisers Richard and Eric and to Andy Bridge for once again doing his magic with the results spreadsheets

Don Bishop Trophy - 28, 29 November, 2017

Day 1 Round Robin

Eric Shipley and Richard Massey (again)  put in the hard yards in organising this year's competition. A total of 20 bowlers assembled on time to start the round robin matches on a cool Tuesday morning. Unfortunately Lynda and Allan Vernal had to withdraw due to Lynda's ill health and we all wish her a speedy recovery. The 2 reserves, Don Bishop and Paul Hassall made up the final 20. The 5 groups of 4 players chosen at random played each other in their group. The results of the group play are shown on the below on the right and the standings after round robin play shown below.

After almost 2 months of competition the 100-up singles league has finally concluded. Competitions take a hell of a lot of thinking, worrying and organising. Congratulations to the organisers, Eric, Sam, Malcolm and Howard. She was a beaut mates. When's the next one ???

So to the results.

Semi finals

- Sam beat Eric 100 to 91 with the  match a nail-biter from start to finish. It looked like Eric was going to take it because Sam was struggling to find his length until close to the finish. As with a few of his matches, Sam managed to come from behind and book his place in the finals.

- Leon beat Malcolm 104 to 101. The second last game ended in a tied game. The Gods were smiling on Leon Smiler as Malcolm agreed to a 7-3 result to bring the draw. Would a measure have resulted on an 8-2 result to Malcolm?? Anyway, great theater and Malcolm was the true gentleman and best of losers and full of praise for Leon.


Sam has gone close to winning a singles tournament and today he just sneaked past Leon to take the big money. It was a close match until the end with Sam winning a couple of high point ends at the death. Well done to Leon, a new bowler and a future champion (and a kiwi cobber). To Sam a well deserved win after some good fights along the way. 


Chiang Mai Winter Challenge, 27,28 Jan, 2018

Here is the invitation sent to Retreat, Coco and Ban Chang bowling clubs and 4 triples teams have accepted. This is a fantastic step forward for Chiang Mai Lawn Bowls. Over the next month we will have to select 4 Chiang Mai teams to meet the challenge from the south. Stay tuned !