Chiang Mai Lawn Bowling Club 

Australian visitors 

1. Gill Lumsden (F) Skip/second -  bowls 1H

2. Jouko (Yogi) Kalevi Karjalainen 9M  Skip/second - 4H

3. Justin Hawkins (m) Second - 4H

4. Robyn Hawkins (F) Second - 1H

5. Joye McCullen (F) Lead/second - 3H

6. Christopher McCullen Second/lead - 4H

7. Russell Sheely (M) Skip/second - 3H

8. Kerrie Sheely (F) Lead - 1H

9. Nancy Polacsek (F) Skip/second - 0H or 1H

10. Ulrich Polacsak (M) Skip/second - 4h

11. Jocilin Hayman (F) Skip/second - 1H

12. Stuart Hayman (M) Skip/second - 4H

13. Zoe Read (F) Lead - 2H

14. Peter Simpson (M) Skip - 3 or 4H

15. Elaine Jones (F) Skip/second - 1H

​16. Howard Dixon (M) 

17. Robyn Simpson (F) - non bowler

Howard was raised in S. Australia but is a New South Welshman by choice whilst retaining a preference for McLaren Vale wines and Coopers ales. He has pursued a variety of occupations and is now retired in Chiang Mai (4 years) and a bowler for 2 years. 

Goulburn vs Chiang Mai Challenge

Day 3 - 29 October, 2018

Chiang Mai were able to gain the  overall win by 32 points after holding a narrow 8 point lead from Day 1.

Goulburn vs Chiang Mai Challenge

Day 2 - 27 October, 2018

A great day of bowls today and it was great that Chiang Mai could be competitive against the more experienced Aussie bowlers. However, there is a long way to go and the lead by Chiang Mai is a very narrow 8 points.

Bowl of the day was played by Robyn of Goulburn who turned a loss into a win with a 6 pointer on the last end. Fantastic bowls


Goulburn vs Chiang Mai Challenge

Day 1 - 25 October, 2018

A "getting to know you" day with a mixed team foursomes with 2 from Goulburn and 2 from Chiang Mai chosen at random before play.