After almost 2 months of competition the 100-up singles league has finally concluded. Competitions take a hell of a lot of thinking, worrying and organising. Congratulations to the organisers, Eric, Sam, Malcolm and Howard. She was a beaut mates. When's the next one ???

So to the results.

Semi finals

- Sam beat Eric 100 to 91 with the  match a nail-biter from start to finish. It looked like Eric was going to take it because Sam was struggling to find his length until close to the finish. As with a few of his matches, Sam managed to come from behind and book his place in the finals.

- Leon beat Malcolm 104 to 101. The second last game ended in a tied game. The Gods were smiling on Leon Smiler as Malcolm agreed to a 7-3 result to bring the draw. Would a measure have resulted on an 8-2 result to Malcolm?? Anyway, great theater and Malcolm was the true gentleman and best of losers and full of praise for Leon.


Sam has gone close to winning a singles tournament and today he just sneaked past Leon to take the big money. It was a close match until the end with Sam winning a couple of high point ends at the death. Well done to Leon, a new bowler and a future champion (and a kiwi cobber). To Sam a well deserved win after some good fights along the way.